Our Story

Dayspring Community Church began as a small group in the Fall of 1997. During this time the vision of Dayspring was formed and the core group was established. On April 4, 1999 Dayspring Community Church officially launched meeting on Sunday mornings at a movie theater. At that time we were under the Caribbean Baptist Convention.

Dayspring began renting space from a hotel in the summer of 1999. In the Spring of 2000, we moved to MetroWest Elementary School. We were able to establish ourselves in the MetroWest Community by doing outreach events. The attendance grew to over 100.

In 2002, Dayspring was accepted into the Southern Baptist Conference. In January 2003, we had the opportunity to share a building with Crossroads Church. Services moved to Saturday evenings at 7:00 p.m. Our departments were able to do events and grow due to the access of a building throughout the week.

Dayspring’s desire was to move back to Sunday services in a location where we could again reach out into the community. In March 2004, we moved to the Jim Beech Recreation Center in Ocoee. It was a new community with opportunities of outreach and growth. The church continued to grow and flourish. However, the growing pains of the recreation center took away our classrooms for our children’s ministry and the search for a new meeting place began once again.

Crossroads Church opened their doors for us, but this time we were able to meet on Sunday mornings. Dayspring was planning to purchase the building from Crossroads Church. We began to make the building our own with improvements. We were quite disappointed when another church was able to purchase the property before we were able. Little did we know what God had waiting for us. 

In 2006, Pastor Mark out on one of his many searches for a new meeting location, met with Mr. Tracy Hull of Plymouth Baptist Church. Tracy shared the hardships of Plymouth. Plymouth had been established since 1885, but had become a church of about 25 members. They had this beautiful church, but needed the families to fill it. Likewise, Pastor Mark shared the hardships of Dayspring. We were basically beginning to feel like we were wondering in the wilderness with no place to go. We had the families, but no building to house them and teach the word of God. Tracy Hull then opened his heart and the doors of Plymouth for the people of Dayspring. In November 2007, Plymouth Baptist Church officially became Dayspring Community Church of Plymouth. The two churches merged, it was definitely a match made in heaven! Dayspring continues to grow, reaching 150 attenders on Sunday mornings.

Yes, Dayspring has come a very long way, but we are very excited to be exactly where God wants us. We are now looking into God’s future plans. In 2010, the cost of the surrounding property continued to fall to where we were able to afford to purchase. After careful prayer and consideration, we moved forth with faith. The purchase of this property will allow us to be more visible to the community with a sign and entrance directly on 441. Also, it will allow us to beautify the area while adding safety for our church family and community. These 3 factors alone are vital to the growth of Dayspring Community Church.


Mark Jeter, Head Pastor

Jeromy Donlon, Associate Pastor

Tina Richardson, JAMZone

Raymond Browder, Facilities